FREE TRACK FRIDAY: Nunca Duerma & – “Crafty”


We’re back in business with another FTF download for all you pretty people and this week we happily present an exclusive download of a collab track by Chi town beat head and recent signee to Eliot Lipp’s “progressively minded beat music imprint”, Old Tacoma, producer Nunca Duerma, and fellow talented, Detroit-born beat maker

Nunca Duerma resides currently in Chicago (the bustling hotbed for Midwest artists, musicians, and other up-and-comers), and his brand of original, sample-based, hip-hop/electronica is a natural byproduct of his life in the city. A multi-instrumentalist from a young age, Nunca Duerma combines elements of traditional hip-hop, jazz, funk, and electronica in a way that elicits instant head-bobbing from even the most apprehensive electronic music listener. Paired with a unique approach to live performance—including live sampling, original productions, lead synths, and frequent collaborations with other artists—Nunca Duerma brings a fresh new image to the live-electronic scene that is likely far ahead of its time.

Enough chit-chat now, kid! DL this flowtastic track ASAP:


~You know what to do; right click that there fox and Save As, sucka!~

Right click and SAVE AS, DUDE

After head bobbing to Crafty for an hour or two (what can we say, this track flows), we took a second to chat with Nunca Duerma a bit about his process, influences, and take on the Chicago music scenes he’s currently submerged in:

My name is Tahif Attiek, my friends know me as Ty, and  I make music under the name Nunca Duerma.

I produce electronic music primarily, but have been known to DJ and play live sets with drummers and other musicians. My all time biggest music influence is the fusion band Weather Report… listened to them in school while playing bass in our high school jazz band. Really free, very expressive, and a large focus on progression. Even though my music doesn’t reflect their sound exactly, it’s allowed me to explore a variety of electronic music genres, and helped me not be fearful about taking risks.

I love Chicago. Never thought I would enjoy living here when I took a random leap of faith two years ago. I’ve been so lucky to have the experience I’ve had thus far, and I’ve received open arms from artist collectives like Push Beats, Kimball House Productions, some of the LOD guys too and have been very surprised how welcoming everyone has been. Chicago is a great place for young up and comers and really fosters an environment of creativity. Most of the collectives I mentioned are really trying to do something new and not follow a pre-fit mold on how things are suppose to be done. It’s them, their art, and no bull shit. I love it.


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