INTERVIEW- Mr. Dibiase & Doc Illingsworth Pt. I

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During one of Exploded Drawing’s spectacular shows Shardstyle had the good fortune to chat it up with the globally recognized producer Mr. Dibiase and thoroughly talented Detroit-based Doctor Illingsworth about gear, their home towns, how they came up, and suggestions for emerging and beginning beatsmiths. Fair warning, the vid drops to black abruptly at the end, but we’re not pulling a Sopranos or something similarly uninspired– there’s a Pt. 2 coming up later this week! It was an exceedingly entertaining conversation and all 3 musicians went on talking for long enough that we decided  to split the chat into two parts so that none of yall missed out on the opinions, details, and tips that Dibiase and Illingsworth were kind enough to share with us.

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Anyway check it:

~A conversation with Mr. Dibiase and Doc Illingsworth Pt. 1 from JoinTheStudio~

Also be sure to check out our photos and video from the aforementioned Exploded Drawing show featuring such luminaries and experimental sonic spelunkers as Jonwayne, Computer Jay, Giraffage,  House Shoes, our dudes Doc Illingsworth, Lo Phi, Kinder, soundfounder, Sampler & Son, Corduroi and more. Damn.


Doctor Illingsworth

Art of fighting by Doc Illingsworth off the album Train Runner.
Purchase here

Sam Rolfes (Shardstyle)

Robert Griswold

Made Possible by (In)sect Records & Exploded Drawing

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