BUST Mag x JTS: Widowspeak @ SXSW

BUST x JTS widowspeak

We had the good fortune to be invited by the gals and guys at BUST Magazine to roll through their 3-day house party marathon with our cameras (and Shardstyle’s turntables) and capture a few snapshots of the relentless torrent of incredible bands nearly tearing the house down, free Tito’s vodka flowing freely like some heavenly waterfall gifted by the liquor gods, and some pretty chill dogs too. Check out their first post (including some of our photos) over here.

Our first vid covers one of our favorites through the series of parties, Widowspeak:

Bust Magazine Grounded Party: Widowspeak from JoinTheStudio on Vimeo.

Produced by Christian Detres @rvatobkn
Shot and edited by Robert Griswold @POLYMVTH
Directed by Sam Rolfes @Shardstylee

We’ve got much more where that came from, keep it locked to the new and improved Join The Studio for coverage, tutorials, and interviews with musicians like Dibiase, B LA C K I E, Shmu of Zorch, the founder of LZX Industries, and more!



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