VIDEO: 35 Presents: The Hot Wet Mess

Yeah, yeah- I know it’s a week late. But these shots were worth it.-Andy

I was going to go. I had to go. I didn’t care if I was stressed out from the semester starting up, I had bought my ticket months in advance, and I had to go to the Hot Wet Mess. I mean, come on… Reggie Watts. (Who I’m pretty sure is the hairiest deity I’ve ever worshiped.)

Okay, it wasn’t just Reggie Watts. There was also a water slide and a last-minute addition of live wrestling. And, yeah, a few other bands, like Big Freedia and The Black Lips, who are utterly amazing by their own rights. Unfortunately, I was one of those people who only heard second-hand how The Black Lips are now wanted men because of how viciously they killed their set. After five hours of being in the sun without sunblock, and the slimmest opportunities for shade, the burning sensation in my skin reminded me I had to get going.

Just… just watch the video. It was intense. Free Vitamin Water, cool businesses chilling in their tents, food trucks, wrestling, a half-pipe, good music- I honestly can’t tell if I’m just easy to please any more.

If you’re in Denton, keep track of 35D– they seem to have a solid track record going.

music- Sam ‘Shardstyle’ Rolfes

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