Two Knights -An Interview

—Well, I finally got around to yet another Denton band. These guys are really interesting because when I first saw them live last year, I kept hearing the phrase “math rock” being thrown around. When I listened to them, it finally made complete sense.
Math rock, for those uninitiated, is “a a rhythmically complex guitar-based style of experimental rock” that started around the 80’s. (Thank you, Wikipedia) So, essentially, you have the drummer going wild and the guitarist tapping insane rhythms and chords to weird syncopation, and when it all comes together it sounds dreadfully delightful. All that from “a couple of crybabies from Texas” means that whenever you go to one of their shows, you’re bound to have a good time.

Make sure to check out their links after you watch the video. (I didn’t spend all of that time editing for nothing, damnit!) They have a 10″ coming out soon, so watch out for that, too!|
The record label that they were recently signed to, Count Your Lucky Stars 

That’s all from me. Go enjoy Two Knights –adr

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