We’ve been doing a lot in the past year.

From covering and sponsoring (and playing in) underground shows to murals and expanding our apparel line, we’ve collaborated and worked with a lot of amazing musicians, artists, and crews and we decided it’s about damn time we started up our own event series.

Chicago’s underground experimental electronic scene is…stunted and underrepresented at best. It’s hard out in this city to bring the same crowds out to “weird” shows as some of the the clubby bro-rat bars and clubs around but we’re aiming to change that. What we’re going to be working to accomplish with THE SPECTRATONE SHOW and other JTS event series will be to provide a platform for truly talented and groundbreaking artists and musicians to demonstrate their craft and rock a show without having to pander to the lowest common denominator. Come on out and support the underground, we need all the help we can get!

Details after the poster:



The first in a new semi-monthly experimental electronic music, art, and performance series by JOINTHESTUDIO’s new Chicago branch.

For our debut show we have the combined beat-forces of DOWN GIANT (Zainghis, Doc Ill, and b.banks of the Push Beats family) with live vocals by Alexandra Bautista, the legendary SHARKULA as guest host and MC, NORMAN. with accompanying live drums, SHARDSTYLE with guest MCs, the electronic performance opera of HAITLIN, Dr. GOOM, live modular video by brownshoesonly, and some sort of artwork by members of JTS Chicago!!

FEB 24th, 10-2
Reversible Eye Gallery, 1103 N. California (Cali and Division)
$7 “”””Suggested””” Donation for 18+, $5 Suggested for 21+ (there will be booze but you can also BYOB)


…is a 3-man collaborative effort uniting some of the fiercest underground electronic beat-talent Chicago has to offer by way of Zainghis (, Doc ILL (, both members of the almighty Push Beats collective, and b.banks ( Joining them for the first Spectratone Show is the fantastic vocalist Alexandra Bautista (

…is a goddamn Chicago hip-hop legend. To say nothing of his 18 years of rhyming with a freeform, scattershot style that no one else can pull off
successfully, Sharkula’s album Martin Luther King Jr. Whopper With Cheese was voted by readers of The Chicago Reader as one of the 20 best albums of 2004 and was the subject of a documentary film titled Sharkula: Diarrhea of a Madman. Sharkula’s the guest MC for the first Spectratone show and will be dropping a set of his own, better start prepping yourself now.

…is a painter, designer (outdated portfolio:, turntablist, violinist, owner and co-founder of the Austin and Chicago based art and music collective Join The Studio (online mag:, and producer of some sort of (often distorted and glitched out) experimental electronic beat music often accompanied by frenetic skratching and yelled, modulated vocals.

…is a rapidly rising force in both the Chicago hip-hop and beat scenes with his effortlessly flowing, syncopated drums and captivating melodies. For the first Spectratone Show Norman.’s gonna bring up a few of Chicago’s dopest underground MC’s so be damn sure you’re ready for that.

**Featuring live modular video by “brownshoesonly”, honestly something to come for in itself, it’s pretty damn incredible***

Please share, reblog, gossip to your friends about how studly Sharkula is and how awesome Jointhestudio must be, etc.
If we don’t pull together and support each other, Chicago’s not gonna have shit for an experimental underground scene!

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