FREE TRACK FRIDAY- Selva Oscura: Canopy Wake

Over the past year or so, we’ve been collabing with, interviewing, jamming with, etc. some fantastic producers and musicians and we figured it’s only logical to start featuring some of their unreleased work. Mostly Every Friday, for as much of the rest of the year as we feel like it (assuming Shard or Karan haven’t been kidnapped by the arch enemies of freshness), we’ll be hosting some unreleased tracks of the best unheard and underrepresented musical talent we come across and subsequently  feature.

This week we’re proud to bring you a fantastic song by our friend and fellow ATX/Chi town beat-head Selva Oscura with a new unreleased track off of his upcoming album called Canopy Wake.

The best part? It’s right down below, digitally packaged with a binary bow on top just for you and it’s free! Grab it up now and feel cooler than everyone else around you for having something so great.


Just right click the pretty picture and save that shit!

Selva Oscura- Canopy Wake



 Selva Oscura (Ray Levinson-Fort)- is an electronic producer from Austin, lives in Chicago,  and makes sounds and beats. He’s got an album he’s working on and there’s a few sites you should check out if interested:

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