Shardstyle (JTS founder Sam Rolfes) caught up with Friends of Friends artist+WEDIDIT Collective member Shlohmo for an interview. Oh hey look and here it is:

From Shard: “I managed to catch Shlohmo at Teeb’s recent gallery show with our friends at Pawn Works Gallery in Chicago  (Teebs interview coming soon) and had the pleaseure of having some thoroughly interesting conversations with them about their thoughts on the underground beat scene on large, whether labels were appropriate for an inherently experimental musical practice, how fuckin’ dope was that Drake album, right?, the merits of controllerism and whether technicality in performance was an important consideration for an experimental producer, and a myriad of other awesome topics (many of them not about Drake). Many thanks to Shlohmo and Teebs for taking the time to talk shop”

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