Sons of Linden

Being in Denton most of the year, I spend a lot of time around fellow artists and musicians, and during the last year I became acquainted with a talented group of guys.

“Buh, I thawt y’all cuhvered tuh under-grownd seens?”

Well, pretend person with a ridiculous speech impediment, we do, but I like to focus on anything “getting up” that has the passion and verve that deserves the attention of the crowds. This includes a band I finally got to see in downtown Dallas. One of their members was responsible for personal pursuit of further musical exploration and is a good friend, so I am admittedly a little biased. But when the band has as much energy as a wolverine in a box of bees and more stage presence than half the bands at 35 Conferette, I think I can look past any sentiment of predisposition.

Comprised of Michael J. Slack on guitar, Kevin Burks on whatever he can find lying around (usually a bass), Curtis Wells on guitar, and Nick Bozas on the drums, with the first three all using their vocal chords for the betterment of mankind, Sons of Linden is a self-proclaimed indie folk-rock group. But, definition via genres only does so much, (which is probably why they listed three) so I decided to capture as much as I could of their set at The Door Dallas for a Battle of the Bands event.

This is one of the few groups that I would willing see live, and probably the only group that isn’t rock, hip-hop, or beat. Not because I know a member, but because they are definitely above the standard with lyrics and musical ability.

There’s a whole group of these guys in Denton, (Kinda an inbreeding group of talented musicians that create a bunch of bands with each other and branch out into other bands.) so if you’re ever worried about the state of music, don’t worry- there’s always the indie guys like Sons of Linden up in Denton.


I grabbed what I could with a quickly-dimishing battery. It seems to be a chronic issue for us JTS members.

They’re a good connection to good music, so maybe meander over to their Facebook page or YouTube page sometime (Where they have more videos, with me standing in front. Hooray for live music!) Oh, and here are these for your aural pleasure. And, financially invest in a swell group of guys over at their Bandcamp page.

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