The Power of Projections

Camera obscura- the quirky little device that (maybe) spurred an explosion of realism in the 15th century somehow made it all the way to the 21th century. Congrats to it! Well, kind of- it’s now called a “projector”, some silly device that shoots out light rather than reflecting it, and it’s being used in a big way. Oh, some places might use projectors to have moving images flicker on somewhat-large white canvases, but I think they’re a rarity with only a few around here and there. Where the good work is being done is with the artists. (Since, last time I checked, light is a free medium.)

Oh, there’s probably a little less than a billion artists out there doing projections, but I think I’ll focus on two for the sake of time. Or actually three, since Polish artist Nawer (last seen in Street Fighters) teamed up with Temporary Space Design for some amazing displays, while Dev Harlan teamed up with himself.

Let’s start with Dev, since his project is smaller and his name is cooler. Being a “multidisciplinary artist whose hybrid practice combines the physical and the virtual with the use of sculpture, light and projection,” [*] If you’re impatient like me, (and somehow haven’t just skipped to the art) that essentially means he has some really nice light mapping. Check out his work with Olek on a crocheted bicycle.

Cool stuff, huh? Well, if glowing bikes aren’t your thing, then your weird and probably need therapy. But you might enjoy Harlan’s other departure with his “Star Geode”.  A public exhibition in New York during the “New Ideas for the New City” festival, it’s seems to be a flower of geometry and color. I wish the video was longer, but I guess length isn’t everything.




Oh wait, I was just informed length is in fact everything. Well, that’ll leave some people disappointed.

But hopefully not you because we still have Nawer and Temporary Space Design up, and they have quite the array of content! The artist/ VJ mix up started with the search to bring “motion and dynamism to static form”. More light mapping? Sure, I guess, person-who-compulsively-groups-things-together. Except Nawer applies the paint while TSD brings the magic. (I’m assuming projectors run on fairy dust, right?) I think they do a great job of explaining their abstract scrawl themselves with their behind-the-scenes work.

[first collaboration]


[Project Evolution]

Temporary Space Nawer by danieldrumz


[Superplan Berlin]


All fantastic work done by a great collaboration. Bravo, Nawer and TSD!

And good job to Dev Harlan, too!  Way to wrestle control over that fickle bastard that is light! What can’t light do? (Answer: write blog posts. That’s my job and I’m not going down without a fight!) The integral nature of light in, well, everything we do makes it almost an obvious choice to help with the exploration of space and motion. I fully encourage more of y’all to show how powerful light can be in the world of art!

[Thanks to Graffuturism for the initial heads up – adr]

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