Mars 1 and Doze Green >> (Robotic Celestial Beings)

Dealing with collaboration can be tricky- if the artists don’t mesh well, then the painting might end up weird.

This is not that situation. (…well, depending on your definition of weird)

Mars 1 and Doze Green are not the best match, but their similar sense of chaos, living in the “grey area” between thoughts, and love of crisp geometrics made their collaboration to work well. Really well. “Metatron” came out as an intensely complex, surreal juxtaposition of polygons and technology with the immensity and consideration of a classical painting of a saint, complete with a personal manifestation of God as it “[deals] with creation and destruction at the same time”.

Just check out the video and see if you can capture all of the details. (It’s a lot, right?)

Collaboration between Mars1 & Doze Green.

Music- Omega One

Now get out there and start painting!

[via Booooooooom]

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